Sunday, August 12, 2012

Egg-cuse Me? .. and Bacon?!?


I mean... SERIOUSLY???


OK, I'm just going to say it.  We went to the allergist last week, and the initial skin test shows an IgE (typical, not FPIES related) EGG ALLERGY for Liv.  Great.  Just stupendous.  Because we needed one more thing she can't eat, right?

*Excuse me while I go bang my head into a brick wall*

AHEM.  Ok, I'm good now.  Just had to get that off my chest.  I'm all done with the pity party for this post, promise....


I think bacon is a pass!  Yes, bacon!!!  Livvy is smitten with the tasty crunchy yumminess that is bacon, and her system seems to be OK with it too!  This is a really great thing for her.  We've needed a food with some additional protein and this is a great pass for her in that respect.  The goal is to get enough food in her diet to allow her formula to be a supplement to her nutrition only.  So about half the amount she's currently consuming.

To be honest,  my natural and crunchy side would love for her not to be on formula at all since its so processed and refined.  There's some ingredients Liv is consuming that I would otherwise never give her.  But every food pass is a step in that direction of less necessity for it.

So here's to bacon!  One step closer to a complete diet... a yummy one at that!


  1. My older son (non-FPIES) had an off-the-charts severe egg allergy. It's a tough one to deal with. :( But yay for bacon!! A girl's gotta enjoy at least some of the tasty things in life!!

  2. Hi Livvy's mom, may I ask you who is your allergist?pedi?gi pedi? I live in North Miami and I feel like E.T. Explaining to Drs about this :/
    Thanks my email is :)

    1. Well, I'm not near Miami so my doc won't be of much help for you...

      The Babycenter FPIES page is a good resource to ask around trying to find a knowledgeable doc (link on the left of my blog here) and there's also a Facebook FPIES support page where you could ask also since people there are from all over.

      The Facebook page is private, but they typically approve people fairly quickly.
      I hope this helps! I have been 'E.T.', myself, so I get where you're coming from ;)